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Do you suffer from brain fog, fatigue and exhaustion? OR, do you suffer from poor digestion, gas and low mood? OR, do you suffer from constipation, diarrhea and bloating? OR, do you suffer from unwanted skin conditions?

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Chat face-to-face at Guided Health’s office location in Brunswick. With personalised treatments and scientifically sound advice, Guided Health’s qualified practitioners will help you reach your optimal health.Learn More

'Complete GUT Clean'

The ‘Complete GUT Clean’, works with you to ensure efficient functioning of both your gastrointestinal system and nervous system. This can help with mood related disorders and digestive complaints. Learn More


Neurofeedback is the latest technology in computerised brain training. Just like training your muscles to become stronger, you can train your brain to be fitter, more efficient, flexible and stable.Learn More


‘Nutrigenomics’ uses a person’s unique genetic information to understand their nutritional health. As a result, it can be used to create individualised diet plans and nutritional prescriptions. Learn More


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