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Guided Health specialises in clinical nutrition, focusing on the connection between the ‘Gut’ and ‘Brain’ using natural treatments, complementary and alternative medicine to correct imbalances for individuals suffering from digestive complaints and mood disorders such as sleep disturbances, stress, anxiety and depression.

A clinical nutritionist uses nutritional medicine (food, diet and supplements) to assist these clients in maintaining balance and optimal health. A healthy nervous system is NOT free from instability (like stress, anxiety, depression or insomnia), a healthy nervous system responds to instability in a healthy and functional way so it integrates life experiences, which enables growth, evolution amd transformation.


The digestive system itself is a centre point of our nervous system. A malfunction digestive system can cause problems for the nervous system and vice a versa.

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Kimberly Miller
Kimberly Miller

Clinical Nutritionist

Kimberley Miller always had a passion for health, however, practicing what she preached was a different story. It was not until after many years of unhealthy diets and lifestyle choices in her twenties that she really understood the ramifications of what these choices were doing to her mind and body. So deciding to take control of her life, Kimberly made a lifestyle change, a change that was long term, a change that was permanent and effective.

Once Kimberly discovered how these lifestyle changes where having positive effects on both her mind and body, she decided to turn her love of health into a career. Kimberly then went on to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine) at the Endeavour Collage of Natural Health.

It was at the College that Kimberly discovered that the scientific field of nutrients can play a major role in a person’s general well-being, both physically and mentally. Over time, Kimberly understood the complexity of the body systems and what it takes for the mind and body to function effectively and efficiently.

Kimberly’s passion for health has now turned into a desire to educate and help others to reach their optimal level of health & happiness. With so many factors affecting the metabolic function and the biochemical composition of the body, Kimberly believes nutritional medicine is the way of the future.



  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society #27151
  • Bachelor Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)
Dean Smith
Dean Smith

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Herbalist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist, author.

Dean has a passion for the healing arts and working with clients.  He has been studying and working with clients for over 20 years.  His past work experience includes working in the addiction area, mental health, public sector, and with victims of crime.  He currently runs a full time private practice in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs where he specialises in working in an integrated and holistically way with clients.

Advances in technology have made studying the complex physiological process of the mind much more accessible. This has also lead to technologies that have been developed based on this research and over the next ten to twenty years, these findings will probably lead to the biggest changes in mental health treatment since Freud’s talking cure. These technologies are becoming more common in treatment methods, however, are still not widely used in the mental health sector. The technology that offers the most is Biofeedback, specifically EEG biofeedback (or neurotherapy) and Heart Rate Variability Training.

In many cases, EEG biofeedback (or Neurotherapy, neurofeedback) is found to be a helpful tool to use in conjunction with counselling and nutrition. Unfortunately, it is relatively unheard of in Australia, and there are only a few practitioners using it. Basically, EEG biofeedback is useful to ‘retrain’ the nervous system, helping people to be more relaxed, sleep better, be more focused, improve memory, increase attention and help them integrate change.


  • Fully registered psychologist 
(reg. No: PSY0001121207)
  • Full member Australian Traditional Medicine Society #3821
  • Full member Gestalt Australia and New Zealand
  • Full member Australian Society of Hypnosis