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Guided Health applies Clinical Nutrition to address digestive and mood related disorders by creating a more efficient and better functioning connection between the brain and the gastrointestinal system (GUT).


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Are you looking for something that may help you beat the bloat, fix that blemish, wake you up or just make you feel overall healthy? The complete GUT clean is an easy-to-follow, holistic and supportive approach to reaching optimal health. Kimberly, our qualified nutritional medicine practitioner will help guide you to a more comfortable and sustainable lifestyle.

While on your GUT cleaning journey, you will be provided with a meal plan, dietary suggestions and your supplement prescription.

And ongoing support! 

Gut-Brain Connection

What does this mean?

The gastrointestinal system (your digestive system) has its own nervous system.  In fact, it has been termed the ‘second brain’. This system, known as the enteric nervous system, while it can act independently of the nervous system, it also works in synergism (together) with your digestive system.

If either of these systems malfunctions, the other can too.

The Complete GUT Clean

Initial Assessment:

Before beginning the GUT clean, you will be required to have an initial assessment. This is required so Kimberly can determine any individual or unique requirements.

Kimberly firstly works with you to determine if there may be any levels of biochemical imbalances through a full spectrum of nutritional, lifestyle and health history analyses.

Beginning the Program;

Through the proper use of nutritional supplementation, diet and menu planning, you will begin your healthy GUT journey over a particular period of time. Options can include;

Option 1 – Express clean (6 weeks)

Option 2 – The complete clean (12 weeks)

Option 3 – Your own individualized treatment program

***please note, time may vary for each individual***

The healing process usually works in stages;

Stage 1. ‘You are what you absorb’ (The aim of this phase is to get your digestive system working efficiently and breaking down your food properly so that you’re absorbing as many of the nutrients in your food)

Stage 2. ‘Kill and Sweep’ (In this phase we use dietary strategies to starve any bacteria, yeasts and parasites that might be hiding in your system. As well as dietary changes you will be using natural supplements to kill off the bacteria and move it out of the body)

Stage 3. ‘Replace’ (This phase helps correct dysbiosis (bad gut bacteria) and supports the healthy bacterial balance and intestinal health)

Stage 4. Maintain (This phase continues to support ongoing nutritional and cellular processes so the body and mind function at optimal levels)


The Complete GUT clean aims to target;

Mood related disorders (stress, anxiety, depression)

Sleep quality

Digestive discomfort


Weight management

General digestive issues

Liver support

Skin health


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