Kimberly Miller

Clinical Nutritionist

So, here’s the thing, I didn’t always have a passion for health. It was not until after many years of unhealthy lifestyle choices in my twenties that I really wanted to understand the ramifications of these choices on my mind and body.  I faced numerous health concerns and, while I believed were minor, they could have developed into something more serious. Consequently, I decided to take control.

After I became more interested in healthy eating and nutritional deficiencies, I went on to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). I soon began to develop a passion at a deeper level.

It was during my studies I discovered that the scientific field of nutrients can play a major role in a person’s general well-being, both physically and mentally. Over time, I understood the complexity of the body’s systems and what it takes for the mind and body to function effectively and efficiently. I realised healthy eating was just a small part of it and there was so much more to learn.

During my study years I began to work for Dean Smith, a holistic psychologist. Working so closely with Dean’s clients I discovered an interest in mental health and chose to work in collaboration and focused my clinic work on the connection between the GUT and the BRAIN.

Most of us are aware that our digestive system helps break down the foods we eat, but many are unaware it also helps make certain nutrients, supports the immune system and communicates with the brain, controlling our mood and eating behaviour. Intestinal bacteria can regulate metabolism, fat tissue, homoeostasis (balance) and energy, as well as appetite and food reward signalling, which together play crucial roles in obesity. Working with Dean for over 10 years, I have learnt, discovered and now truly believe in the connection between the gut and the brain and the influence it has on our daily activities, thoughts, actions and eating behaviour.

After many years of consulting, I strive to continue to refine and update my nutritional guidance. What I did realise and what compelled me to develop this guide, is that most people are short of time, money and, in this fast-paced world, patience. So, I wanted to design an easy, affordable, do-it-yourself ‘Starter Guide’.

Today you have so many options and choices on the internet which can be of great benefit to self-learning, but it can also be quite daunting, with many misconceptions and confusing information.

I hope to give you a great start to your wellness journey. 

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  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society #27151
  • Bachelor Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)