The complete GUT 'Starter Guide' 

Life doesn’t stop while you are working your way through this guide. Continuing with everyday activities and events is very important.

Why 'Start' with the GUT?

Weight Loss, Immune Health, Stress and Anxiety, Candida, Mental Health, Aging, Digestive Complaints, and more.

I want to focus on restoring your microbiome (gut bacteria) through modification of diet and physical activity, stress reduction, and supplement interventions.

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Each Step in this guide targets different healing abilities. Below are some of the areas on which we intend to work.

Please be aware that you may need to repeat a stage or repeat each depending on your circumstances. OR even skip a step depending on your individual requirements.

Step 1. ‘You are what you absorb’. (The aim of step 1 is to stimulate GASTRIC FLUIDS to help encourage the breakdown of food properly, so that you’re absorbing as many of the nutrients in your food for all body processes, and avoiding unnecessary fermentation in your large colon.

Step 2. ‘Clean’. Step 2 is all about CLEANING out any of the nasties that have called your gut home for too long. These nasties are the cause of some of your symptoms, possibly causing inflammation and leaky gut. In my opinion this is the hardest step, as it might cause mild, yet uncomfortable symptoms such as fatigue and headaches.  You do not necessarily have to do this step, but I personally love to have a little clean out now and then even if symptoms aren’t present.

Step 3. ‘Repair'. Step 3 is all about REPAIR. A large portion of toxins we are exposed to daily enter the body. If we have a ‘leaky gut’, the toxins enter our blood stream and can produce ‘toxicity symptoms’ once they reach a certain threshold.  Here, we aim to heal and repair the GIT lining (GUT WALL).

Step 4. 'Restore & Maintain'. After you have cleaned and repaired your gut, it is time to replace the good bacteria. Step 4 (and beyond) is all about RESTORING and MAINTAINING your gut balance. This is also the time to add in additional mineral, vitamin and other nutritional supplementation to further achieve desired health goals.


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