Gut-Health and Digestion

Healthy Gut What does this mean to you? Most of my clients with food intolerance, skin conditions and mood disorders are most likely to have some digestive incompetence as a causative factor. Optimal digestion and gut wall stability protect the body against the entry of large food particles into the bloodstream and the subsequent development of undesirable health outcomes. Neurotransmitters […]

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Manging your GUT

Why Focus on your GUT health? A healthy gut is linked to a strong immune system, a positive attitude (GUT-Brain Connection) and glowing skin. The gastro intestinal tract (GUT) is where we digest and absorb nutrients, house our gut microbes (also known as gut bacteria), and regulate the immune system and synthesis (produce) neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). Keeping a good balance […]

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Homocysteine – How is it affecting your health?

Stress-Anxiety- Depression: What are some of the possible silent causes? Homocysteine and Methylation: Homocysteine is a part of the body’s methylation process, produced from the amino acid methionine. Methylation and demethylation is the addition or removal of a single carbon and three hydrogen atoms (called a methyl group) to another molecule. This methylation process is like a light switch turning […]

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Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency and Mood Disorders: Iron deficiency is still one nutrient deficiency prevalent in developed societies, including Australia. While one of the well-known functions includes carrying oxygen throughout the blood and muscles, iron takes on many other important roles. Iron’s role in neurotransmitter production (our brain chemicals) makes it a valuable asset in controlling our mood and thoughts. Changes, imbalances […]

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